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About Us

KraftMaster Cabinetry is one of the fastest growing home improvement companies in Atlanta, Georgia. The company strives to build long-lasting relationships by 'doing the right thing' and treating people well. Honesty and integrity lies at the heart of our values and we measure our success by that of the people we work for and the people we work with.

The key to KraftMaster Cabinetry’s success is excellent customer service and respecting people. We accept responsibility for our actions and will work hand-in-hand with our customers as well as our suppliers to improve everyday. 

Along with good service, we provide our customers with quality products at good prices. The company embraces innovation as a means of providing our customers with better quality, speed, and excellence than they can find elsewhere. Visit "The Difference" page to learn why smart money is spent at KraftMaster Cabinetry.