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The KraftMaster Difference

Free Samples

KraftMaster Cabinetry takes the this-isn’t-how-I-thought-it-would-look out of online shopping. With the KraftMaster Cabinetry's UpClose program you can order samples for your home or office project and keep them for up to 5 days. This way you can have the samples right in front of you when you’re coordinating styles and colors for your room.

3D Visuals

Here at KraftMaster Cabinetry we believe that vision is everything. This is why for most projects we provide 3D color Visuals to aid you in creating the room you imagined. The Visuals give you a preliminary view of what your room will look like when finished. Most importantly, the designs are free of charge when you pay for an on-site consultation.


Fast Pricing

Planning a project? Need a price now? Then don’t wait. Go straight to our “Installation” page and click on “Request A Quote” link and request instant estimate of how much your merchandise or installation will cost.